Saturday, May 15, 2021

Books, Photos, Links, and Livestream for the Cure!

Hey, Brookworms!  

This week's episode, "What am I Reading?, Scrabble, and Livestream for the Cure", was quite a doozy and chock full of information!    I had an opportunity to catch up on fun comments (photos below), and provide you with more information on Designs by Paula J, and Livestream for the Cure!  Don't forget to join us next weekend for Livestream, have a great week, and happy reading!

Vic's Passover Haul!

 I knew I knew Peter Cushing!

Designs by Paula J!
Instagram - @designsbypaulaj
Website:  Designs by Paula J

Vic's YouTube Channel - Pocket Change Productions
     You can find The Horror Academic and Indie/Cult/Horror here!

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