Saturday, November 14, 2020

bell hooks, Laverne Cox, and Mr. Nikoli!

Hello, Brookworms!

Tonight’s episode included lots of exciting extras for you to peruse at your leisure, the first being this amazing discussion between bell hooks and Laverne Cox at the New School.  This video was shared with me by Vic of the Horror Academic, and I am incredibly appreciative!

Next, if you’re hungry and looking for something new to create in the kitchen, check out Mr. Nikoli’s kitchen!  Nick, the former host of the Epic Film Guys podcast, decided to branch out and tell us all about his other love, cooking, and share some of his favorite episodes!  Check out Mr. Nikoli’s Kitchen on Apple Podcasts and go follow him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

bell hooks & Laverne Cox: Transgression

Everything Mr. Nikoli's Kitchen

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