Monday, May 3, 2021

Sam Hurley and "Compliance"

Episode 131 introduces us to a debut novel, “Compliance”, by the amazingly talented author and podcaster, Sam Hurley.  Check out my interview with Sam and my review of “Compliance”.  I wax about the idea that Sam’s novel may make me smarter, why I have a crush on Ryan (and maybe all New Zealanders), and why we should absolutely support indie authors!  You can find Sam on HIS podcast, Movie Reviews in 20 Qs!

Compliance on Amazon

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Website:  Movie Reviews in 20 Qs

Sam Hurley lives in Mount Maunganui, in the North Island of New Zealand. An avid writer, his bedroom was littered with journals full of poems, short stories and novels that he had written from a very young age. "Compliance" is his debut novel, and a promise to his deceased sister that he would chase his dream of being an author. He is also known as the host of one of New Zealand's most infamous comedic podcasts, "Movie Reviews in 20 Q's", which can be found on all major podcasting platforms.

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