Saturday, April 30, 2022


Tonight, I am reintroducing a very special episode.  The first novel that I covered on Brook Reading over four years ago was George Orwell’s politically dystopian classic, 1984.  In the spirit of my recent episodes featuring banned books and discussing censorship, I am closing out with a two-parter revisiting Orwell’s masterpiece.  In classic Brook Reading fashion, I discuss several movie adaptations, include multiple 5 minute rants within the book discussion, and even return to my original intro and outro songs!  While I LOVE the remixes done by Sean and Vic, I thought it’d be fun to take this episode old school.  Thank you to Ali for your email regarding the connection between David Bowie and 1984, and please visit the website this week for some extra 1984 fun!  The promo tonight is for Livestream for the Cure, and you can also find all the information about that upcoming event at Livestream for the Cure

Biographical Information on George Orwell: The Orwell Foundation

Trailer for 1984 Film: IMDB Trailer - 1984

Happy Reading!

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