Friday, May 28, 2021

Forever is Today by Janet-Lynn

On this week’s episode of Brook Reading, I introduce you to an author with such an amazing outlook on life, writing, success, and joy!  I had the pleasure to read and review Janet-Lynn’s debut novel, Forever is Today, and she was kind enough to visit me at the Brook!   We talked about her inspiration for this fantastic work, her work creating visibility for liver disease, the notion of a strong, familial support system, and that love can strengthen and heal us all.  

You can find "Forever is Today" on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Porchlight Books.



Instagram: @janetlynnmorrison



Janet-Lynn Morrison believes in living
impossibly. She carries one fundamental
belief with her everywhere she goes.
When you live life without limits,
the impossible starts to occur.
And it all starts in the mind.
As an author, motivational speaker,
mindset expert, professional risk-taker
and concert pianist, her greatest
accomplishment will always be
raising her three daughters.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Books, Photos, Links, and Livestream for the Cure!

Hey, Brookworms!  

This week's episode, "What am I Reading?, Scrabble, and Livestream for the Cure", was quite a doozy and chock full of information!    I had an opportunity to catch up on fun comments (photos below), and provide you with more information on Designs by Paula J, and Livestream for the Cure!  Don't forget to join us next weekend for Livestream, have a great week, and happy reading!

Vic's Passover Haul!

 I knew I knew Peter Cushing!

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Monday, May 3, 2021

Sam Hurley and "Compliance"

Episode 131 introduces us to a debut novel, “Compliance”, by the amazingly talented author and podcaster, Sam Hurley.  Check out my interview with Sam and my review of “Compliance”.  I wax about the idea that Sam’s novel may make me smarter, why I have a crush on Ryan (and maybe all New Zealanders), and why we should absolutely support indie authors!  You can find Sam on HIS podcast, Movie Reviews in 20 Qs!

Compliance on Amazon

Twitter:  @moviereviewsin, @surleyham

Instagram:  @moviereviewsin20qs, @surleyham

Website:  Movie Reviews in 20 Qs

Sam Hurley lives in Mount Maunganui, in the North Island of New Zealand. An avid writer, his bedroom was littered with journals full of poems, short stories and novels that he had written from a very young age. "Compliance" is his debut novel, and a promise to his deceased sister that he would chase his dream of being an author. He is also known as the host of one of New Zealand's most infamous comedic podcasts, "Movie Reviews in 20 Q's", which can be found on all major podcasting platforms.