Saturday, July 11, 2020

"Skin in the Game", Medical Gaslighting, and Other Thoughts with Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall

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     This post is the accompaniment to Episodes 94 and 95 of Brook Reading, where I spent 2 hours talking with Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall.  If you wanted to find Kelly on the social medias and the internets, her information is below.  

     Her book was fantastic! It is such an exciting read, but it also touches your heart.  This was also such a wonderful experience for me, as Kelly was my first author guest on Brook Reading, and I was honored to talk with her.  

     Please give "Skin in the Game:  The Stories My Tattoos Tell" a read, and let her know what you think.  The link for her book on Amazon is here, but you can find it through other retailers on her website, 

Kelly "Nerdzilla" Mendenhall is a self-proclaimed recovering nonprofit professional living in Middle Tennessee, USA. Kelly spent her formative years witnessing the collapse of the automobile industry in Flint, Michigan. She received her Bachelor of Science and Master's in Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University. In June of 2017, Kelly became suddenly medically disabled and lost her mobility nearly entirely. Her career in the nonprofit sector came to a grinding halt, but she was able to reconnect with her creative self as a result.  Kelly is the founder of Nerdzilla Media, LLC.

Kelly identifies as a "Spoonie" living with multiple diagnoses of invisible illnesses, both physical and psychological. She is an Author, Blogger, Freelance Journalist, and Self-Care Advocate and Activist raising awareness concerning the phenomenon of Medical Gaslighting that often leaves women permanently disabled or, in worse case scenarios, deceased. Her mission is to turn her mess into a message and show the world that a medical diagnosis/diagnoses do not have to mark the end of one's story. 

Kelly wrote of herself, "When my body failed me suddenly, it didn't just change one aspect of my life. It changed everything. It forced me to reevaluate what I wanted and how I wanted to live. Life as I knew it is over, but I'm just getting started." Hers is a story of survival, human connection, false steps, and ascension.

Kelly published her debut book – a memoir – in June 2019. Hers is a story of survival, human connection, false steps, and ascension. Skin in the Game: The Stories My Tattoos Tell takes a unique approach to memoirs and autobiographies in that is not chronological in a traditional sense. The author tells of the pivotal moments in her life by telling the stories behind her eclectic collection of tattoos. As one reviewer stated, "Skin in the Game is a raw and honest autobiography that twists the genre on its head for the post-modern reader." (Lorna Goode, Consumer review)

For more information about Kelly and her various projects, visit 

To reach Sarah, the photographer of Kelly's tattoos, you can find her at 

To contact Kelly, you may email her at

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