Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Ways to help the victims of the Australian wildfires

I want to devote a moment to wishing our friends in Australia our most fervent thoughts and prayers for their relief during the devastating fires. Most importantly, we need to take action and help in any way we can.  I am posting a list of websites where we can donate, and if you know of any other ways to help, financial or otherwise, please reach out and let me know and I’ll add it to our collection.  It has to be such a scary, devastating event to go through and I know if it was America enduring this, our friends in other countries would be helping us out. So, please, reach out, give anything that you have, share the sites, contact anyone you know and see if they need anything. To my fellow podcasters who hail from Australia, I am happy to hear that you are enduring, and please reach out if there is anything you need.

All my love and well wishes from New Jersey, USA.  

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