Saturday, January 18, 2020

Bullet Journal Layouts - Part 1 (In Tandem w/ Episode 80)

If you have finished listening to Episode 80 and you've decided to jump on the Bullet Journal train, then you are in the right spot!  Below I will include all of the photos of the layouts that I mentioned during the episode.  As you listen to the list of layouts within the episode, I labeled the photos in order of introduction.

Also, if you would like to learn more about the origin of the bullet journal and its creator, Ryder Carroll, here are the websites I used for my research:

Ryder Carroll (Creator of the Bullet Journal)

Carroll's TED Talk

In my NEXT post, I will include the list of materials that I discussed in the episode.  If there is ANYTHING else you need, leave me a comment and I will include it in the next blog post!  Thanks so much for listening!

1. The Future Reminders or Future Logs (made with Post-Its)

2. Your Monthly Cover Page (calendar of the month included)

3. Your Weekly Layout (usually 2 pages per week)

4. Your Habit Tracker (before and after)

5. Your Bill Tracker/ Savings Plan/ Method of Budgeting

*"Bills" Photo from Pinterest - 
NOT mine

6. Index (Remember to add in the pages and their layouts AFTER you've completed them... it's much easier to do this part backwards)

7. Brain Dumps/ Books To Read/ "Fun" Pages

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